Aluminum Foil Thermal Strap


invents / designs / analyzes / fabricates / tests
thermal control components & systems
ground / air / space

The Company

Thermotive focuses on thermal design, mechanical engineering, fabrication, and technology development that enhance the performance of scientific instruments and systems.

Our products include high-conductance flexible thermal straps, also known as thermal links, heat straps or heat links. These devices couple two or more interfaces thermally without constraining them structurally.  Thermal straps are essential for thermal management of hardware in a vacuum environment but are also used in air or inert gas environments. Their flexibility is due to the independent motion of hundreds of stacked copper or aluminum foils. For maximum conductivity, lowest mass, and optimal flexibility, thermal straps can also be made with flexible pyrolytic graphite layers.

Thermal straps can be used in most places where high thermal conductivity and flexibility are needed. In particular, thermal straps can be found on: scientific instruments, satellites, cubesats, airborne instruments, high altitude balloons, avionics, cryocoolers, telecommunications equipment, electronics cooling, infrared cameras, spectrometers, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, optical metrology equipment, thermal control of lasers and optics, cryogenic propulsion systems, photolithography, semi-conductor fabrication equipment, and a wide variety of low temperature physics experiments.

Thermotive's staff includes certified Professional Engineers (Mechanical - California) with experience working with Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC), private research institutions, universities, corporations and small businesses.

From conception to fabrication and testing, Thermotive offers services in:

Our Customers

At Thermotive, we are honored to collaborate with national and international companies and defense contractors, national laboratories, space agencies, non-profit aerospace and scientific institutions, high-tech equipment manufacturers, and renowned academic and research institutions to develop innovative thermal management solutions. Our hardware is on the ground, in the air, and in space. In addition, our patent-pending Pyrovo™ Pyrolytic Graphite Film Thermal Straps now have flight heritage and are recognized as the best thermal straps in the world.

Our Commitment

We guarantee that the product we deliver will meet or exceed your specifications. We are available to consult on design, analysis and testing.

Our team and in-house design and testing equipment allows for quick project completion and competitive pricing.

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