Thermal Strap Foils

The Story

Founded in September of 2012, Thermotive is a very small company that exists to provide and develop advanced thermomechanical technology for ground, air, and space systems. It began when Thermotive's founder identified several unmet needs in thermal control of airborne (airplane-mounted) instruments while working in the Thermal and Cryogenic Engineering Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) NASA/CalTech in Pasadena, CA.

Many airborne instruments serve as a proving ground for innovative technology on its way to space. Unlike space instruments, airborne instruments are modified or tweaked during extensive testing and deployment. This means that engineers can push the design limits, experiment, and take risks that are impermissible with space flight instruments.

Airborne instruments have significantly lower budgets and tighter development schedules. Many of the technology vendors that are critical for large scale and large budget space flight projects just aren't nimble, efficient, or lean enough to provide components on a cost and time schedule that is compatible with the needs of smaller projects. Laboratory, airborne instruments and small satellites, CubeSats, and spacecraft designers need technology partners that are as agile, curious, and daring as they are. That's why we're here.


Founder Bio

Eugenio "Keno" Urquiza, PhD, PE

Keno has worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA/CalTech in thermal and cryogenic systems engineering.


Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

University of California at Berkeley
University of California at Berkeley
Texas A&M University


Licensed Professional Engineer (Mechanical - California)