Standard Series Thermal Straps

Standard Series thermal links come with specially machined strap terminals which can include mounting flanges and screw holes. These features give the engineer various mounting options which can be especially useful in compact instruments and test assemblies. The thickness or conductance is specified by the end user.

Some of the terminals and thermal strap shapes offered in the Standard Series are shown below. Other similar variations will be considered on an individual basis. Detail dimensions for the strap shape, terminal, and holes are made to specification (MTS). See the How to Order section below.

Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) selection and epoxy mounting options are also offered.

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LAB Series (LAB)



Model #








Foil width

0.725 in

1.225 in

1.100 in

0.500 in

0.725 in

1.000 in

1.225 in

Foil alloy

AL-1100 or CU-101 / 110

AL-1100 or CU-101 / 110

Terminal alloy




AL-6061 / 1100 or CU-101 / 110

Strap thickness
(0.001 in foils)

200 foils

425 foils

205 foils

Made to specification

Length of
heat path

x (number of milimeters)

Est. conductance AL foils at RT

17/x W/K

61/x W/K

26/x W/K

Est. conductance CU foils at RT

31/x W/K

111/x W/K

48/x W/K

Est. conductance CU rope at RT

25/x W/K

89/x W/K

38/x W/K


L, S, U, M (modified)

L, S, U, M (modified)


LAB-725 Block terminal (BT)
LAB-1100 Block terminal (BT)
LAB-1225 Block terminal (BT)
Block with holes (BH)

Block terminal (BT)
Block with holes (BH)
Parallel flange (PF)
Orthogonal flange (OF)

Hole placement

Made to specification

Made to specification

* The heat path length is measured in milimeters -- mid-terminal to mid-terminal. If the heat path measures 100 mm, then x=100.

How to Order:

First review the thermal strap shape drawings shown below. If the thermal link desired is similar to one of those shown, then:

Select the model required using the chart above to select the foil width.
Example: STA-725

    1. Click on and review the L, S, and U-shape drawings (PDFs). Select the desired strap shape by adding the letter to the part number.
      Example: STA-725-S
    2. If you already know the thickness you need, include it -- otherwise write 0 for now.
    3. Chose the terminal types for each end, with left terminal listed first. Select from Parallel Flange (PF), Orthogonal Flange (OF), Block Terminal (BT), Block Terminal with Holes (BH), or a unique Modified terminal (M). Add the thickness and terminal letters to the part number.
      Example: STA-725-S-0-PF-OF
    4. Add the characteristic dimensions (A, B, C) highlighted in the drawing to the finished part number.
      Example: STA-725-S-0-PF-OF-1.250-2.450
    5. Contact us with your desired part numbers.

      If the thickness isn't specified provide the operating environment (air / vacuum / other), nominal and worst case temperatures for each terminal, as well as the nominal and worst case heat load. You can also specify a minimum conductance. Thermotive will recommend a thermal strap thickness.

      If applicable, also include a simple sketch with hole sizes and placement. Thermotive will contact you promptly with a quote and lead time.

      The part number will follow this format:
      Part Number Format for Thermal Straps

For modified versions of the Standard Series designs you can either send us a dimensioned hand sketch or modify one of the shape drawings (PDF). Just send us a picture or scan with the modifications or your unique shape. Simple variations will be priced as Standard Series thermal links.


Thermal Strap Shape Options (L, S, U, M):

Thermal Strap Shapes L, S, U Review L-Shape Drawing (PDF) Review S-Shape Drawing (PDF) Review U-Shape Drawing (PDF)

Terminal Options for Standard Series Thermal Straps:

Terminal Options - Parallel Flange, Orthogonal Flange, Block, Block with Holes

Sample Standard Series Thermal Straps:

Two-Arm Flexible Thermal Strap Custom Thermal Strap Custom Thermal Strap